Monday, May 20, 2013

The Mag 169 - Down East

                                                                                                                 Lighthouse Dandelions by Jamie Wyeth 

Down East

On golden May dandelion days
we joked about spinning gold.
We’d be millionaires, you said,
if all those flowers could be spun.
Instead, we made wine.

Dandelion dreams took you far
but I am like a bumblebee,
content to ramble o’er our hill
nuzzling clover and comfrey
instead of flying up and away.

I walked down the field today,
nudged the blooms aside and sat,
craning about like Christina and
willing you to bring the wine jug.
Instead, I talked to the bees.

The sun continues shining.
The clouds pass over all.
The waves beat on incessantly.
Our home is just as cozy.
I miss you, dear friend.

Turn your back on golden neon,
towers and streets all straight.
Soar back with the gulls
from the city garbage heap.
Come at spectacular sunset.

Come when dandelions nod.
We’ll lie on the hill and
blow wishes to the heavens.
plant seeds among the stars
and sip our wine together.


  1. There are certain friends that just can't be replaced!
    Dandelion dreams took you far - I really like this line. Sometimes dreams/wishes can come true!

  2. This is awesome ... I could read it all day. Last stanza blew me away. (like dandelion fuzz)

  3. I love your final stanza - I'll join you in blowing wishes to the heavens, any day...

  4. Such a nostalgic, peaceful poem.

    I liked it.


  5. The last stanza blew me away..well done..

  6. This is magnificent I was particularly taken with the last stanza

  7. The sun continues shining.
    The clouds pass over all.
    The waves beat on incessantly.
    Our home is just as cozy

    Whatever is happening in the whole wide world nothing can match the home. The home is where the heart is! Agree wholeheartedly Susan! Nostalgic call on your posting!


  8. Have never tried dandelion wine, but quite imagine I would like it, especially if shared with those we miss and love. Very nicely penned.

  9. I really wouldn’t mind joining you, but perhaps I’d bring a bottle of the grape stuff. My bladder is rather too weak nowadays.

  10. ...ah, a real dandelion dreams Susan... i can read this in vale while hearing Pan blows his pipe... and the nymphs are dancing, flirting around.... ah, loved it... loved where your poem took o'er for a while... excellent Susan!!! smiles...

  11. lovely to read. wonderful emotion, wonderful writing.