Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Poetry Jam - Bees Theme


we wish to flit in sunshine
passing from one sweet face
to another, smiling, passing
peace and sharing a nectar
called tea

instead we skitter like roaches
the moment a hum and whir
of drone nears waiting for the
roar and buzz and shudder
called impact

we hope to send little workers
off to swarm o’er field with
kites and string or strap for
wood or baskets for joy
called play

instead we throw down mats
in corners under walls, behind
rough sheds and draw shawls
and children close in silent wait
called prayer

when will the queen bees wake
from silent slumber mindless
propagation endless sacrifice
buzz forth to halt these hornets
called death

I am agog that we condone a swarm of drones to pass over and amongst innocents, creating 'collateral damage' in an area of the world that we would otherwise wish to calm and repair ... the concept of hive collapse might well be looked at when we contemplate our foreign policy, for doesn't this attack from nowhere serve to blacken the hearts and minds of the very people we wish to be moderate, productive, and democratic? How can simple people understand the higher cause of our war on terrorism when it is their villages and fields, houses and neighbors being blasted by these swarms from out of nowhere?  The ethics and politics of war outrage me for I am one of those simple folk - I just want to be a small bee in my little hive - just like those women so far away.

This rambling post is offered to the weekly Poetry Jam  ... see what others have written when contemplating the idea of 'bees'.


  1. Susan, this is definitely well expressed. There is something to be said for being a 'small bee.' If the world would be composed only of such 'small bees' the world might be a better (and safer) place.

  2. I love your metaphor here, Susan... so powerful!

  3. I love this, so well put together and it effortlessly flows. Really well crafted and expressed.

  4. I agree Susan. When WILL the queen bees awaken!?

  5. ugh...the drones....you know we have them over the US already...have for years...in seattle and texas...its the new thing you know...spy...kill...lie....in an impersonal way...like a video game....

  6. Agree..your foreign policy causes unnecessary suffering on cultures that will continually plot your demise. Not good.
    Thank you for your hilarious comment on my wasp poem! Still smiling!

  7. ...this is poetry as i know it.... good points well justified! smiles...

  8. I hear you. How do you explain to mothers and children, and fathers who lose all?