Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Cold Harsh Truth of Beauty - Poetry Jam

Frost Feather 3 - photo by Sir Knight Moore

The Cold Harsh Truth of Beauty

What cold remote bitch do you presume to be
Sweeping the catwalk , trailing Valenciennes that
Resembles frost feathers

The North wind that rushes with you
Pulls silver glitter free from your hair
Cold crystals for the masses

Some float free and waft toward the gallery
Riding frigid currents of AC to land
Like so many snow flakes

You look straight ahead toward a star
Cold white light beams pierce blue eyes
Caress that cold brittle shell

No warmth penetrates this arctic blast
Soft ululations like a winter wind
Tap tapping hands like sleet on pane

And you stomp on toward the after party
Waving white arms and trailing lace
Wintery stick branches in the breeze

Cold chemicals can capture blue eyes
White skin, soft lace, hard lips
The cold harsh truth of beauty

What lies beneath the permafrost
Remains a mystery for some man
To unearth when glaciers melt

Inspiration comes from many places. I was looking at a dress ... and the model who wore it.

Poetry Jam is a place for sharing inspiration and its result ... look at what others have gleaned from the challenge to think about crystals ...  


  1. the cold hard truth of beauty....nice
    lots of energy in this...and BANG you burst
    onto the scene straight away with those opening
    lines...felt the shiver...smiles.

    great piece

  2. So many models are very unhappy on the inside, but everyone just sees and compares themselves to the outside. I especially like:

    No warmth penetrates this artic blast
    Soft ululations like a winter wind
    Tap tapping hands like sleet on pane

  3. That was very hard hitting and like a nice big slap, really opened up with some excellent lines. Great work.

  4. AMAZING where your muse took you on this one ............ I love it.

  5. I feel the frost when I see some of these models as well, but we never know what exactly is going through their minds. Great imagery!!

  6. You really did put the cold and harshness out there well--and indeed who knows what is inside. Quite a fascinating piece.

  7. Wonder what would happen if one time a model gave a little smile on the runway?!

  8. Susan, you have so many amazing images in this poem! Loved it :-) Gave me shivers, you really conjured up cold.

  9. It's a job...they probably are not all icy bimbos...some are probably intelligent warm make a lot of money quickly leave the modelling scene and then begin to live a life.